YISHION can also wear trendy and elegant with a pure turtleneck sweater

When it comes to turtleneck sweaters, many people may think of their conservative and even old-fashioned image. But as long as you get it right, it will also make you a compelling focus. Especially now, as the weather turns cold, the turtleneck sweater is not only a warm weapon, it will not make you look too heavy. Single wear can be used with pencil pants, skirts, high-heeled boots, long models can also be equipped with a belt, or as a ride, echoes with a variety of jackets, that can travel indoor and outdoor any occasion in the winter, not afraid of cold, warm and fashion.

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Red and black plaid jacket makes people feel distinctive personality, use a white sweater to take, so that the whole dress becomes gentle and sweet. (Jacket, Sweater YR)

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Unique prints make knitwear even more vibrant. Whether it's worn alone or inside, it's easy to catch your eye. (Jacket; Knitwear)

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