Xuzhou: South Africa's giant diamonds were found to be worth only a few thousand dollars

Not long ago, a luxury home in Xuzhou was looted by thieves. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of famous cigarettes and jewellery and other property were stolen, and a "big diamond" from South Africa was missing. The case was not the same, the police quickly launched investigations and recently cracked the case.

It is worth noting that the "giant diamonds" that have been recovered are not only regarded as "treasures" by thieves, but even the police who handle cases have guessed that they are worth a lot. However, after seeing the pictures, the jeweler said that such a large diamond would only be owned by the Queen of England; this "giant diamond" should be a spar, which is worth a few thousand dollars.


The mansion was looted and the "South African loose diamond" was stolen

On the morning of August 21st, in the “Xianglongwan” villa area of ​​Shujing New City in Xuzhou New City, when a female owner returned to her home, she was shocked to see that the window was smashed, the cabinets and drawers of the room were all opened, and the bed was turned over. So immediately call the police. Soon, the police came to the scene to investigate. The female owner estimated that the loss of a large number of famous cigarettes and jewellery and other property worth hundreds of thousands of yuan. In addition, the female owner also mentioned that there is a valuable "South African loose diamond" missing.

The police found that the villa window was smashed and inspected the height of the villa's perimeter bar. It was inferred that the thief climbed the fence and entered the indoor crime. Xincheng Public Security Bureau Interpol Brigade’s case-handling police analyzed afterwards that this was a typical “moving” burglary. The case was reported at 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning on August 21. The thieves stepped on the spot and the owner was not at home. I sneaked through the fence and ransacked the family.


Two "villa thieves" joined hands to commit crimes

Because the value of stolen goods is large and the number is large, the police analyzed that there is definitely a helper for "moving" theft like this. Sure enough, through peripheral monitoring, the police found that the two suspects joined hands to commit the crime. One of the suspects stepped on the spot and found that there was a lot of valuable property in the house, and then notified another person to ride the electric tricycle.

The police saw from the surveillance video that two suspects, one moving inside and the other outside the fence. "The famous wines of the light box have been moved back and forth for more than a dozen trips." The police investigators said that the two suspects were filled with two tricycles to and from the two vehicles, and the famous family of cigarettes and jewellery worth hundreds of thousands of yuan were shipped. go. The most anxious for the female head of household is the South African loose diamond with a diameter of about 1 cm.

The police followed the investigation and found that the two suspects disappeared in Lizhuang Village, Dumiao Town, Xuzhou Economic Development Zone. After a large number of visits and investigations, the police finally found that Cao and Li had serious suspected crimes. On September 4, two suspects, Cao and Li, were arrested and brought to justice. In their homes, the police investigators also found a large number of items involved, including the "South African loose diamonds." After the trial, the police verified that Cao had cooperated with Li to create the looting villa case, and had two cross-competitions with the other two. The next day, two other suspects were also arrested.


The stolen "giant diamond" in the end value geometry?

Cao, Xuzhou, 30 years old this year, high school culture. According to the police, there are still some constructions in the “Xianglongwan” villa area of ​​Lijing New Town, and it is easy for outsiders to mix into the villa area. On the same day, there was no one in the villa of the stolen villa. Cao quietly sneaked in after the stepping on the spot and found that there were many indoor property. He also informed Li, who had a cousin relationship, to drive the electric tricycle to meet and finally ransack the villa.

It is worth mentioning that after Cao and Li succeeded in the "big diamond", although they did not know the price, they decided at a glance that it was a "good thing" and regarded it as a treasure. Later, when the police were chasing, this "baby" was also chased back. But the hostess did not disclose the value of this baby, only to say "South African loose diamonds", it sounds unquestionable.

According to the police's grasp, this luxury home will cost 300 million yuan for renovation only. The former owner will transfer the property from elsewhere to the villa. However, when the thieves ransacked the villa, some of the more valuable celebrity calligraphy and paintings were not stolen. It is based on the situation of this mansion house and the value of the female owner's “Large Diamonds in South Africa”, so that the police officers in the case also speculated that this “diamond” is worth a lot.


This is a spar

Three or five thousand can be bought

The situation of the stolen villa also made the netizens once guess that the head of the household may be an "official", but the police denied the netizen's speculation. "The couple are both businessmen." The police said that the "South African loose diamonds" were not included. The initial value of the case involved was estimated at several hundred thousand yuan. At present, all four suspects have been detained in criminal detention, and the value of “diamonds” is also underway.

"South Africa loose diamond" value geometry? Yesterday, the reporter of Modern Express reported the photo of this "diamond" to the jeweler. He was told that this "priceless treasure" is actually a spar, not worth a few dollars. Lei Tai, general manager of Dai Mengde Jewelry Xuzhou, said after seeing photos, if it is such a big "diamond", "that may only be owned by the Queen of England", and the value is measured by the number of more than 100 million yuan, "several billion ."

"I have a 90% grasp and conclude that this is a spar." Manager Lei believes that in addition to producing diamonds, South Africa produces more of this "spar", so that the spar is not worth much, three Five thousand dollars can be bought.

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