Xi Shi Seoul won the "SIUF China underwear industry annual awards"

"China Top Ten Underwear Industry Adjustment Brand Award", "China's underwear industry annual charity Award"

On the evening of May 9, "2013-2014SIUF China Underwear Industry Annual Awards Ceremony" held by SIUF2014 was grandly opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The leading manufacturer of domestic underwear brand Qianxi Er won the "Top Ten Underwear Brand Award of China Underwear Industry" , "China's underwear industry annual public welfare awards" two major awards, becoming the current underwear show a high-profile business.

Xi Shier won the "Top Ten China Underwear Industry Adjustment Brand Award" award

It is understood that the annual ceremony of China's underwear industry awards ceremony is the Shenzhen International Brand underwear exhibition has always insisted on doing the annual industry festival, the selection activity from its inception in 2009 up to now, once a year, and this is the first visit to Alsace Seoul SIUF China underwear industry annual awards. Xi Suer, chairman of Miss Liu Sanyin said that from more than 100 short-listed companies stand out and won a number of awards, all sectors of society on the Sisilier focus on women's adjustable underwear industry's continuous efforts and innovation affirmed, but also on the Sisi Seoul continued to care for the beauty of women, attention to women's health, focus on green ecology and adhere to the spirit of good public encouragement.


Xi Shier won the "China underwear industry annual charity award" award

Since its establishment in 1999, Sissel has always focused on the underwear industry. With excellent product quality, professional underwear consultants and personalized service, "Respect people, Zonta Shangdao" corporate culture and actively involved in charitable activities, from the unknown underwear brand gorgeous counterattack reputation for the industry's leading brand Now Alsher has nearly a thousand stores, nearly 600,000 members throughout the motherland's major north-south. For the two awards, Sissel is grateful to the organizers and consumers, Sisier will continue to promote the development of China's underwear industry as always, for women's health and beauty and work hard.

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