Wuhan will stage "Garment Show" at Humen next month

55 Humen clothing enterprises collectively debuted. After the Chinese index market followed the Zhengzhou and Shenyang Trade Fairs, the clothing enterprises in Humen Town will go to other places in the next month. The reporter learned from Humen Town Economic and Trade Office yesterday that the Dongguan Humen Clothing & Fashion (Wuhan) 2012 Trade Fair organized by Humen Town Government was jointly sponsored by the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau and Humen Town Government and will be held in Wuhan International from March 15th to March 18th. Expo Center held.

Raising subsidies to encourage enterprises to exhibit in different places According to reports, this trade fair is located in Hall A1 of Wuhan International Expo Center. The exhibition hall covers an area of ​​tens of thousands of square meters. The hall is divided into two sections: “Humen Image Display Area” and “Corporate Image Display Area”. In part, there are 408 standard booths in the company's exhibition area, and the average booth area is 9 square meters. Compared with the Zhengzhou and Shenyang Trade Fairs, this trade fair is more professional, and it is a clothing industry exhibition dedicated to local apparel and apparel companies.

This exhibition will give exhibitors more grants for participation in the exhibition. In addition to continuing to implement the exemption of booth privileges, exhibitors will also be given more subsidies for decoration. It is understood that in the past, the decoration subsidies for exhibitions were subsidized by 50% according to the special exhibition decoration costs, with a maximum of no more than 20,000 yuan. There is no upper limit for this time, and the preferential policy of subsidizing 400 yuan per square meter is adopted. In this way, the subsidies enjoyed by companies that receive more booths will be higher. Taking a company that has won 10 standard booths (a total area of ​​90 square meters) as an example, it had previously received only 20,000 yuan in renovation subsidies, but now it can receive a subsidy of 36,000 yuan.

All the booths have already been rushed out by 55 companies in Humen Town. It is understood that the reasons for the higher enthusiasm for the participation of the expo companies are that, besides being more professional and providing more assistance for exhibitions, Humen’s successful experience in organizing exhibitions in different places has become a major selling point for attracting businesses. . The reporter saw from the exhibitor catalog that the exhibitors included a number of old brands such as Chun Ying, Song Ying, Yi Minu, Yixun, and a lot of new faces such as Lucy's poetry, men's eyes, and Zheng Chuxi.

Helping Humen clothing enterprises to expand the domestic market It is understood that this off-site exhibition is of far-reaching significance. From a close perspective, the main focus is on the core idea of ​​“one city, three systems and five leapfrogs” in Humen Town. With the help of going out and organizing exhibitions, Humen Garment Enterprises will help the domestic market to expand; at a deep level, it is the Humen government that implements the Central Government and The major measures launched by the provincial party committee and the provincial government to expand domestic demand and promote consumption are aimed at helping Humen enterprises expand sales channels, expand sales scope, increase the influence and popularity of products, and promote the industrial transformation and upgrading of Humen in a short period of time. Fully promote the construction of Humen “Binhai International Mall”.

At the same time, choosing Wuhan as the venue for the exhibition was also a matter of careful consideration. Known as the province of Tongling, Wuhan is located in the heart of China's hinterland. It is the capital of Hubei Province and an important transportation hub in the country. It is an important industrial city and economic center in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The garment industry is quite developed. In 2011, Wuhan's clothing sales revenue reached 30 billion yuan, and its export earned 500 million U.S. dollars. In this exhibition, it will be very important for Humen to open up the market in Central China, create a “Humen” brand and promote the complementarity between Humen and Central China.

It is reported that Humen's previous two exhibitions in different places were very successful. In 2010, Dongguan Humen Apparel Electronic Information Products (Zhengzhou) Exhibition and Trade Fair reached a total investment of 3.1 billion yuan for cooperation intentions. The 2011 Humen clothing and electronic information products (Shenyang) exhibition trade volume reached 3.96 billion yuan.

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