Workplace with a new weapon "long suit" tall body can also "take" out

In the highly competitive workplace, a cool job wear not only can enhance your temperament instantly, but also make you more confident, daily access to the workplace, you will not be together around these will make you a career queen Dress up? You can try a long suit Oh!

玛泰迩 - Meitler

(Source: Martel 2013 autumn and winter new product)

Compared with other clothes, long suits changeable, easy to mix, but also easy to effect, can be handsome, but also can be very casual, all depends on your own collocation leggings and flat shoes together, neat fashion. Simple white primer shirt can come out restrained and elegant Super good effect, is particularly suitable for daily work wear commuter equipment choice.

职场搭配新利器“长西装” 高挑身材也能“搭”出来

(Source: Martel 2013 autumn and winter new product)

Long suit does not fit with complex single product, the line must be simple and the main. Long suit with a short skirt, then wear personalized boots, bring a sparkling bag, no dress, you can directly into the party crowd.

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