Wild African style rocket sexy summer rely on animal patterns

Mention of African style, in the eyes of fashion designers, that is wild bright leopard, black and white zebra pattern, glamorous python pattern. Designers are always happy to use them in a variety of designs. Bags, dresses, high heels can appear. Therefore, this summer you want to continue sexy Rush, animal models can not be ignored.


Wild African atmosphere is also filled with a bit of luxury atmosphere. Animal patterns can be said to be a seasonal fire, choose your beloved animal print single product, never tired of the classic elements. In many big-name is also often launched, this summer turned into a raptor animal! Will attract countless eyes!

狂野非洲风情 这个夏季火拼性感就靠动物纹

BEYLEY Bei Li spring series

A hot umbrella skirt is absolutely summer sexy girl's wardrobe essential. Rich layered waist loose, vest lets you boldly show the clavicle and incense shoulder, how can we not inspire. At the same time, rich metal texture leopard print gave this skirt adds a glamorous taste.

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Mohair Yarn

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