Where is the South Red Agate best?

The application of Nanhong Agate has a long history. Due to the extremely low output, it was once a time of the Qing Dynasty (Qianshan material). Chai Yiyang, secretary-general of the Suzhou South Red Association, said that the South Red Agate in Daliangshan was discovered by everyone in 2009 and was slowly mined by the people. "The current situation is disordered, and there is still no large-scale mining. However, the government is planning, and it is estimated that there will be more large-scale enterprises involved in mining this year."

Despite this, the reporter learned that from 2009 to the present, in only five years, the red and yellow agate of the Liangliang Mountain, which is red, thick and atmospheric, has been widely recognized and developed very fast, from an unnamed small Stone quickly became the new favorite of the value-added collection of players from all walks of life.

In just three to four years, the South Red Agate quickly became popular, especially the South Red Agate of Baoshan was very popular with the market, and its price has turned ten or even dozens of times. Five years ago, an old South red bead was only about a hundred yuan, and now it has reached several thousand yuan; and the new south red agate material, a few hundred yuan a pound a few years ago, now reaches 10,000 yuan or even more per kilogram. Basically priced in grams. "Beads 60 yuan / gram, because these cracks are much cheaper; the color next to them is obviously red, and the cracks are much less, it is 110 yuan / gram." Mr. Huang from the South Red Agate merchant from Baoshan said "In the past 5 years, 60 yuan / gram of this bead string is sold in strings, dozens of dollars a string."

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