What is the difference between natural crystal and synthetic crystal?

Fashion collectors like to collect natural crystals, but often look at a lot of synthetic crystals on the market. How to distinguish between natural crystal and synthetic crystal? Here are three different differences between the two:

Natural Crystal

First, the amethyst chromophore and color film. In synthetic amethyst, there are often some deep purple pieces with better orientation, which are easily reminiscent of the characteristics of irregular swatches in natural amethyst. The biggest difference between the two is that the deep purple chromophores in the synthetic amethyst are arranged in almost parallel sheets, with little difference in size and shape, and the boundaries are obvious; while the chromophores of natural amethyst are irregular, the shades vary. And the line is gradual. If the dark purple piece in the synthetic amethyst is likened to a floating "purple piece", the purple group in the natural amethyst can be regarded as a floating "purple group".

Two, hexagonal ribbons and parallel ribbons. Another feature of natural amethyst is that it has a hexagonal ribbon like sapphire. The ribbons in synthetic green crystals are often parallel ribbons and develop in parallel along the crystal wall. There is a synthetic green crystal necklace, yellow and green appearing like a natural crystal ribbon, and there are some brown translucent solid impurities inside, which is easily mistaken for natural green crystal, but the ribbon formed by synthetic crystal is Parallel distribution along the crystal wall of the crystal, the necklace of the finished necklace has the same change of color, and the color bandwidth of each grain becomes the same as the narrow color, which gives an unnatural feeling of excessive “step-by-step”.

Third, the difference between the inclusion and the cotton. In natural crystals, there are often inclusions and cotton, while synthetic crystals are crystal clear, and some have bubbles or solid impurities. Recently, some synthetic crystals often have some triangular long tubular pores in which there are green or red powders. The long tube is characterized by being arranged in parallel in one direction, the section is triangular, and there are often uneven green or red powders distributed along the wall, the middle is often empty, and the end of the long tube has a tendency to become sharp. The true natural crystal is a crystal containing minerals such as actinolite and rutile, each of which has its crystal form. They are wrapped in crystals, arranged in a non-directional manner, thick and slender, and often accompanied by inclusions and cotton inherent in natural crystal.

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