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'溆' miracle win sales! The moment the most profitable brand explosive multi-store profit leader! 15 years accumulation! Leading the market style ~ first-class image! People pricing! Strong terminal policies, terminal support to promote potential energy, first-class terminal image, third-rate product prices to promote the potential of independent style positioning, from the same product in the market. Fashion, atmosphere, simple precipitation potential energy products international standards and efficient supply chain to protect the potential of fashion products in Seoul, South Korea to promote potential energy apparel industry win-win winner Godfather Ge Jia Ming escort potential. '溆' brand dream! positive energy! '溆' multi-store profit leader! Womenswear industry market is bound to win the most profitable most development prospects of the most rivers and lakes '溆'.


"SISUIN ( Xu River brand )" has a stable of professional design and development team and work closely with overseas experts in several art salon and design studio, real-time capture the world's major fashion shrine fashion advice, combined with unique Chinese elements, Asian women body characteristics and life Way, painstakingly designed each costume, interpretation of international fashion culture, contrast Chinese women's elegant temperament.


"SISUIN (溆 card)" aged 25-40 years old, simple, elegant, smooth lines, the details of the design stresses the point. In color with pure neutral colors plus a little popular color embellishment adds more young and active atmosphere. Fabrics and the use of imported fabrics and rich variety of fabrics Ting Tingshun and the perfect combination of natural fiber comfort and unique self-developed flower fabrics make the overall goods more perfect.

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