What are the common types of optical glass?

[China Glass Net] Optical glass is one of the glass, which can change the direction of light propagation. It can be used to manufacture lenses, mirrors, etc. in optical instruments. There are many types of optical glass. Optical glass is mainly made of high-quality quartz sand, which is used like some cameras and telescopes. Let's take a look at some of its classifications for optical glass.

1. Colorless optical glass

There are specific requirements for optical constants, such as high visible light transmission and no selective absorption coloration. According to the size of Abbe number, it is divided into enamel and flint glass. The types are classified into several types according to the refractive index, and are arranged in order of refractive index. Used as a lens, prism, mirror, etc. for telescopes, microscopes, cameras, etc.

2, anti-irradiation optical glass

High absorption of high energy radiation, high lead glass and CaO-B2O2 system glass, the former can prevent gamma rays and X-ray irradiation, the latter can absorb slow neutrons and thermal neutrons, mainly used in the nuclear industry , the medical field, etc. as a shielding and peep window material.

3, radiation resistant optical glass

Under certain gamma-ray and X-ray irradiation, the transmittance in the visible region changes less. The varieties and grades are the same as the colorless optical glass, and are used to manufacture optical instruments and peep windows under high-energy irradiation.

4, colored optical glass

Also known as filter glass. It has selective absorption and permeability properties for specific wavelengths in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared regions. It is classified into selective absorption type, cut-off type and neutral gray according to spectral characteristics. It is classified into ion coloring, metal colloid coloring and sulfur selenium according to the coloring mechanism. The compound coloring class 3 is mainly used to manufacture filters.

5, UV and infrared optical glass

It has specific optical constants and high transmittance in the ultraviolet or infrared range and is used as an ultraviolet or infrared optical instrument or as a window material.

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