Welcome to the Mid-Autumn bingo children's clothes stationed in Guangzhou Xinguang Department Gifts

Warmly celebrate BENKO successful children's clothing stationed in Guangzhou Xinguang Department Store for the children's clothing based on local, preempted the country's strategic market strategy has been further strengthened and consolidated. At the same time, more parents in Guangzhou to buy fruit children's clothing bring more convenience. Now when the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, the children's clothing store also launched the wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival gift shopping activities. All parents are welcome to go shopping! Grab the surprise to win the fashion, the children's clothing will give you a happy welcome Mid-Autumn Festival. As the saying goes: mid-summer harvest is the best season. In this passionate burning days, the children's clothing impregnable, signed to join the customer after another; bourbon children's clothing stores across the country have opened one after another, set off a wave of fun and fashionable children's clothing, according to incomplete statistics, into the summer since the new Opened Bingo children's clothing brand stores (counters) up to several 10; and at the same time, the new signing of franchisees is an endless stream of festive, children's clothing continue to expand the strategic layout, a new round of children's fashion guide. In addition, in the end market, the enthusiasm of consumers is rapidly warming up, praised. Summer as the children's clothing sales season, bingo children's clothing stores throughout the country sales continued to climb a record high, the hot situation just as the summer sun is generally hot, for the sales of bingo children's clothing autumn and winter laid a solid foundation. Bourbon understands that the rapid and steady development of Bourbon children's clothing is the result of diligent work by Bourbons and the sincere cooperation with distributors. It is the best embodiment of consumers' favorite support. gratitude. In the face of the autumn and winter sales season is approaching, Bina fruit children have done a good job of preparing, and dealers together to work together to create children's clothing sales legend!

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