Website optimization in addition to "four evils"

[China Glass Network] Search engines always want to present better things to users. When it comes to website optimization, we have to talk about "four evils."

First, the external chain is harmful

Speaking of this, I believe that many webmasters want to shoot bricks. Doesn't it mean that the more outer chains are the better? There is a misunderstanding here. The more high-quality external links, the wider the wider, of course, is a good thing. Refers to the duplication of the content, meaningless, casually sent out of the chain, many people in order to improve the external chain will use the mass-sending tools to send forums, information sites, which will result in a large number of external links in a short time, of course, search engine pages are possible It will be "all-in-one", but after a period of time, the search engine re-examines or changes the algorithm, there will be a lot of external links disappearing, so everyone will understand. The external chain pays attention to quality, while at the same time paying attention to the wide range of styles and styles, but it is taboo.

Second, the content is flooding

Everyone knows the importance of content for website optimization. If everyone is eager to do content, original, pseudo-original, collection, and the methods that can be used are used. Of course, the more high-quality content, the more search engines are included, the better, but the question is: Is there more quality in the content? The more risk-free content, the higher the risk, in fact, the situation is the same as the external chain. In fact, what kind of content is considered high quality? Is it enough to just original? Search engine spiders like originality, but it does not mean that original content must be of high quality. The key is whether the content is user-friendly. If you have a lot of content on your website, but users look at it and shake their heads, the more content there is, the greater the risk of optimizing the website. Why do you say this? When a large number of users see your content, they immediately leave unrequited. It will give the search engine a signal that the website has a high bounce rate and the website is definitely not the user's favorite.

Third, the internal chain flood
In addition to the internal chain, it can improve the user's stickiness, and can also improve the relevance of the page and highlight the theme. But the inner chain can't be messed up. To keep the link natural and harmonious, the page that points to it is unambiguous. Don't be forced to change the page. Many people like to use the large amount of anchor text to point to the homepage in the content, which may have played a very good role in the past, but it is not suitable for now. Too many internal links point to the homepage, even if you can improve the homepage. Weight, then the weight of other sub-directories or channels, sub-directories are not up, then the home page is not "streaking"? Without the foil, the pages and pages can not directly reflect each other, is it very easy to have problems?

Fourth, the theme flood
The key point of the website is to highlight its own central ideas, what to do mainly, what to do next? Many people in order to expand the keywords infinitely and improve the exposure of the website, regardless of the website itself, a large number of topics are set up, and the keywords are flooded. There is no connection between them. For a website with a flood of topics, it is difficult for search engines to know where your website is located. Which users are your website conversations? If search engines can't grasp the purpose of your website, it is difficult to give your website relevant weights. .


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