Wave point mashup teach you to play fall and winter equipment

Popular wave points in several worlds continue today, is still sought after by girls, cute and rhythm waves active is the key to attracting girls, I believe every girl to fall and winter will wear his beloved primer Socks, to a wide range of jacket with a single product, then a wave of the emergence of whether to make your fall and winter clothes become more lively and innovative, beating wave let you fall and winter dress is no longer immutable.

雪凡妮 - SOFANI

Snow Van Ni - SOFANI Women

Yellow double-breasted woolen jacket, like a small suit as embodies the dignified and generous temperament, beige white collar bottoming shirt set off elegant and gentle, dark green little skirt to upgrade mix, a wave point The rhythm, jumping with the youthful atmosphere.

波点混搭术 教你玩转秋冬装

Snow Van Ni - SOFANI Women

Short section of the shoulder leather coat, set off the oriental women's petite body, but burst out of boundless energy, printing long-sleeved primer shirt Road gentle girl tenderness, brown plaid small leather pants, so tough Hide the warm heart at this moment under the appearance.

Mesh Fabric

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