Washing new clothes in winter

Recently, "14 world-renowned sports brand clothing was exposed to harmful chemicals, which may cause diseases of the human immune system", and "the world's 20 well-known fashion brands' clothing was involved in the "toxic atmosphere"", which triggered people's news. Concerns about the safety of clothing materials. The reporter learned that many people bought the new clothes and put them directly on the body, especially the thick clothes in winter.

New clothing residue chemicals cause "toxic"

It is understood that toxic fashion uses a variety of toxic and hazardous substances in the production process and remains in the product. “The residue of the chemicals used in the processing of dyeing is the biggest hazard.” Professor Zhang Shangyong, a material expert at Wuhan Textile University, pointed out that textile auxiliaries and textile dyes are the most used chemicals in the textile manufacturing process, and harmful substances. Concentrated in the process of dyeing and finishing.

According to Zhang Shangyong, chlorinated benzene and formaldehyde are commonly used in paints and paints. Nowadays, in pursuit of aesthetics, they are often used in the disposal of clothing materials, anti-wrinkle, keep the color of clothes, and chlorine. Benzene and formaldehyde are very harmful to the human body. If the human body is exposed to toxic clothes for a long time, symptoms such as dizziness may occur due to inhalation of chlorinated benzene and formaldehyde.

Most of the new clothes in winter are directly worn on the body.

Last Thursday, Ms. Fang, the owner of a clothing store in Hankou, told the reporter that she had been dizzy for a long time and eventually fainted. Finally, after checking, she found that her blood contained chlorinated benzene and formaldehyde, which was originally in her own store. The trouble of clothes. "Summer clothes are very thin, they can be changed often, and they are easy to dry. But winter clothes are thick. Many clothes may be worn throughout the winter." The reporter learned in random interviews at various shopping malls that most people are buying down jackets, jackets, etc. After such thick clothes, you can put on your body without washing.

Ms. Yu of Wuchang told reporters that when I buy a close-fitting clothes for children, I will pay attention to it. I will wash it once and buy it again. I will use boiled water again, but I will be a lot of myself.

New clothes must be washed before wearing

However, Professor Zhang Shangyong said that toxic does not mean that people will be poisoned, consumers do not have to worry too much. Volatile substances may enter the human body through the respiratory tract, but a certain dose is required to affect health.

Because the harm caused by "poisonous clothing" is usually not easy to appear in the short term, people often ignore the long-term effects of harmful substances in clothing on the human body. Zhang Shangyong reminded consumers that newly bought clothing, especially infant clothing, should be cleaned before wearing. Do not buy textiles with odor, because the smell of moldy, kerosene, fishy smell, benzene smell and other odors, most of the formaldehyde content exceeded. Intimate clothing should avoid red, black and other color fastness that is not easy to comply with the prescribed products, if there is color loss, it can not be worn close to the body.

According to experts, light-colored garments are generally more environmentally friendly than dark ones, and there are fewer opportunities for contamination during production. When buying clothes, it is best to choose no lining, because the adhesive lining needs glue. Try not to buy non-iron clothes.

For many consumers who like to buy foreign trade clothing, experts remind you to be more careful when buying, do not buy back products that have been returned for environmental reasons. If you wear new clothes, symptoms such as itchy skin, emotional upset, poor diet, etc., go to the hospital as soon as possible.

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