Warring States Red Onyx Investment Collection Hot

Warring States Red Onyx Investment Collection Hot At present, the prices of jade jewelry such as Hetian jade and Jadeite have been pushed to high levels. Apart from high investment costs, the room for appreciation is limited. In the past two years, the price of a type of agate known as the “Warring States Red” soared significantly in the collection market, setting a miracle in the history of agate that has tripled in price for three years. Because of its three colorful collection principles: brilliant colors, low output, low potential reserves, and low market awareness, the current warring nation’s red agate may become another miracle of investment and collection.

The agate was used in the Warring States period, mostly in beads, olive-shaped, melon prismatic, and oblate; in the Qing agate, there were also carved pieces such as flowers, heads, rings, buttons, caps, and so on. The agate was used all the time. to date.

Among the various types of agate jade, the red agate has a beautiful color and a mysterious historical background. It is popular among people and is a unique variety of agate.

"Warring States red agate" is a title of agate that has been produced in recent years. At present, what the market calls "The Warring States Red Agate" is not the scientific name of the agate classification, nor is it the red agate that was handed down during the Warring States Period, and it is not the ordinary red agate. It is A new name for a kind of red agate from Chaoyang, Liaoning Province, was named after the Warring States Red Agate because of its pattern and the red agate that was unearthed during the Warring States period. Simply put, the Warring States Red Agate is a kind of red agate on Chaoyang. Hung Hom is a general term, and the ribbon is called "onyx" in the form of "缟". Among them, red and yellow ribbons are the most precious.

The Warring States Red Agate is a relatively rare agate species produced in the area of ​​Fuxin and Chaoyang, Liaoning Province, where the agate capital of China is located. Most of the ore is from a beipiao hill. At present, the output is low, the potential reserves are not large, and the colors are beautiful. The Mohs hardness is about 6.5. It is opaque, brittle, and the stone is thick. It is difficult to engrave, and the rate of production is low. Therefore, most of the market saw bracelets or smaller carvings, semi-precious stone works or rough stones, rarely see large and medium-sized agate works.

The beauty of "Warring States Red Agate" lies in its rich and pure color, its quality Guanghua restrained and delicate. The colors are red, yellow, and white, and are more common in red clams. The red and agate of the Warring States Period is pure red and thick, similar to the red color of the soapstone; its yellow dignified and moist is like the brilliant of Tian Huang; its white is elegant and cloud-like. Red peony and yellow peony are more precious when they are set in one stone or all of them are yellow pods. Part of the Warring States red agate with white crystal crystal.

In the new, especially famous Shijiazi town, the Agate market, there are many manufacturers and business owners who process and manage the Warring States red agate, but there are fewer high quality people. Due to lack of resources, low production rates, and the government's prohibition of private unplanned mining, the ore prices are currently soaring. For the finished product of the Warring States Red Agate, because the raw material is precious, the beads are often hand-ground and uneven in size, and there are many stone skins; the small carved pieces, pendants, and handle pieces are also often carved because of their natural conditions, and are relatively rough and simple. Fine and highly valued works are rare. Even now, the price has been fluctuating.

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