Warmly congratulate K · purely show brand women Guang'an shop in Sichuan is about to open

Fall autumn, K · purely show new women's clothing store preparations are hot. In the coming September, K · purely show brand women's Guang'an shop in Sichuan is about to open. Accompanied by the rhythm of the new store decoration, K · Chun Yi Xiu brand women's new products are also listed one after another. Believe that in K · purely show brand women's Guang An opened shop in Sichuan, will be presented to you all new store image, stylish clothing is worth the wait.


K · purely show women's clothing is for the 20,30,40-year-old love of these stylish, beautiful women, their pursuit of beauty and love is unchanged. In the design of the clothing, it integrates the simple and fashionable design concept of Europe and South Korea to create a fashion brand that meets the tastes of Asian women.


It is more emphasized and advocated by the contemporary women that they should have a life attitude - without imitation and without the need to follow the flow of vulgarity. They only need to release themselves and show the best of themselves to life. "Love and beauty create a happy life," the concept of infection every fashion lover.

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