Warmly celebrate the Karen poetry ladies successfully settled in Zhumadian New Mart shopping plaza

Warmly celebrate Karen poetry ladies successfully settled in Zhumadian New Mart shopping plaza! Bring new brand new shopping experiences and unique charm to the fashionable women in Zhumadian!

凯伦诗 - karen shen


Located in the intersection of Leshan Avenue and Beauty Street in Zhumadian, Zhumadian New Mart (Full Named Grand Group Zhumadian New Mart Shopping Mall Co., Ltd.) is located in the commercial core of Zhumadian and is a one-stop shopping high-end shopping paradise for the consumption of people in Zhumadian. It is located in the center of the commercial area of ​​Zhumadian, Zhumadian and even the southern part of the highest quality, most versatile, largest and most brands, set department stores, supermarkets, restaurants and entertainment in one large modern shopping mall, to fully meet the people of the city daily needs. Karen poetry ladies settled, will be more rich new Mart shopping plaza fashion charm, but also for the Karen poetry women to further enter the national women's market and add new strength!



karen shen Karen poetry, is the company's Australian fashion design team to introduce the Chinese fashion brand women , with sunshine, health, self-confidence, artistic philosophy of life, urban vitality of young people passed the "future, colorful, interesting" quality of life philosophy. Planning and design team by the Australian design team and local design elite together. At present, Australia has opened nearly 200 self-owned store image shop. In the next few years the company will continue to expand its domestic market. To stores, department stores, Shopping Mall, fashion life as one of the self-employed network.

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