Warm congratulations on beauty poetry Guangzhou Baiyun Qinghu shop grand opening

Three significant cooling, but also failed to win the temperature in Guangzhou, Guangzhou, partners are still wearing a single coat to enjoy the warm autumn. The beauty of poetry and Guangzhou, the general high-profile weather, but also usher in a new life. Warmly congratulate the beauty poetry Guangzhou Baiyun Qinghu shop grand opening on November 16, Xiaobian and beauty poetry family congratulated the opening of the new store, business is booming, the source of money!


The booming red signboard, a clear LOGO into one, giving a simple and elegant, fresh and chic feeling. Romantic, sweet pink balloon arches also create a more intimate atmosphere for the new store. The pedestrians coming and going are also attracted by it, letting them feel the beauty and enjoyment of the poems of the people at home.



Underwear as the most intimate girlfriends of women, care of women's secret base, to bring women's health and great charm. The beauty of poetry is not only in style design or fabric selection have been recognized by consumers and the unanimous praise. So, Qinghu's friends quickly enter the store to buy it! Opening more surprises waiting for you!

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