VOGFASHION women's 2013 spring and summer models to IN light commuter dress perfect to create

VOGFASHION Women 's clothing, shoes, leather goods, bags design, will be the European aristocratic classic, noble, nostalgic and modern fashion, style, uninhibited organic combination, so that "VOGFASHION" clothing classic and popular elements of each other, reflecting Unique "VOGFASHION" brand of multiculturalism. 2013 spring and summer new equipment, VOGFASHION IN commute Dress to create the most incisive, so that every woman wearing VOGFASHION can feel the charm of VOGFASHION.


Competent small suit with Lady white skirt, simple and elegant dress is the pursuit of VOGFASHION women's goal.

VOGFASHION女装2013春夏款 至IN轻熟通勤装扮完美打造

Black and white classic color looks always looks so simple and generous, very suitable for early entry into the workplace light cooked MM Oh.


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