VJC men and women with the idol sponsor "Love does not bend" actor costumes

International brand VJC men always walk in the forefront of fashion, many city elite men love, a lot of entertainers fashion actor is VJC men's loyal customers. Recently, VJC men's hand in hand "Love does not bend" crew, the main actor for the play to provide the play dress. "Love does not bend" is a urban fashion masterpiece about the love and family entanglements of modern urban men and women, bringing together many cross-Strait star to join to help out. Such as Taiwan's famous idol actor Chen Chu River, the Mainland famous actress Liu Yun and so on. A southern city of Tail Yu Lake, 29-year-old Ai Lele put on their own hand-sewing wedding, ready to spend the last day of life: even if she dies to be completed when the bride's wishes. Seven years of business suddenly closed down, fell in love with her 3-year boyfriend actually leave her on the anniversary. Emilio despair, but just when she wanted to jump lake, but was one step ahead, he actually became a hero to save lives, but also ended with the rich second generation of Tang Yi Fan's bond. AI music painful setback, determined to start again, apply to Tang Yifan general manager of the "love of life" high-level clothing store. Unexpectedly, it was still used by Don's mother, both of whom reluctantly agreed to pretend to lover contract. Elle's passionate kindness infected everyone around us. All of this touched Tang Yifan, who became attracted to each other by their enemies and eventually became married to each other after various hardships. Regardless of the drama, they all convey to the audience a stylish dress style and spirit. In the recently held "love does not turn" boot Thanksgiving banquet, the famous Taiwanese idols Chen Chu River, the Mainland famous actor Luan Tian, ​​Li Jinzhe are wearing VJC costumes debut, public men like VJC men's fashion design and style. "Love does not turn" boot Thanksgiving scene, VJC brand distributor in China Shenzhen Handewei company leaders and designers to listen to the actor for the design and style of advice, and the protagonist in the play cordial exchanges, sharing each other for Fashion view. Cast crew also express profound thanks to the Han Dewei company, that the VJC dress is very consistent with the drama's status and actress's dress style, a good interpretation of the modern urban elite fashion taste, greatly enhance the drama fashion.

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