UNIKON brand women's elegant taste of the symbol

UNIKON - An ordinary woman wearing a body can be a fashion model, because of its "noble quality, popular consumer price" has become the darling of today's urban career women chase, indispensable in the wardrobe of a beautiful landscape.


That winter of 2007, London's fashion store along the River Thames, there is a very attractive East face, she is called Sophie, from far away China. At that time, Sophie seemed a bit idler, and she still had an incredible sense of surprise with the latest versions of the famous brands FENDL, GUCCI, CHANEL and DIOR. She loved these aura-like clothes.

尤尼可(UNIKON)品牌女装 优雅品位的象征

As early as 2000, Sophie came to Europe to study. Her father taught her business administration. After a year studying, she dropped her studies at the University of Manchester Business School and went to Florence, Italy. Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance, the dawn of the first Renaissance is rising from Florence, where rich artistic atmosphere deeply attracted her. After Sophie's father learned about it, she stopped her financial aid to Sophie.

尤尼可(UNIKON)品牌女装 优雅品位的象征

Sophie breathe Florence full of art particles air at the same time, running a retail apparel, unique aesthetic vision of her clothing sales more and more fire. Two years later, she began running a branded monopoly, opening her stores in Bruges, Zurich, Rome and London, her deep artistic accomplishment and her innate sensitivity to fashion elements that made her clothing store a local fashion leader. Many people think Sophie is successful, but she thinks her career has not started, because she has an ideal: to return home to create a unique women's clothing brand , unique.

The spring of 2008, UNIKON this female clothing brand was born in Shenzhen, China, it is leading the era of European fashion as the keynote, combined with oriental elements, leisurely walk in the classic and innovation, launched a The models are dignified, generous without losing the quality and the mass consumer price of high-quality fashion series, with beautiful and rational design blooming in colorful fashion arena, and the wearer to experience a new visual feast.

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