Tips for buying Taobao home textile products

Nowadays, many people know that it is much cheaper to buy textiles on Taobao than in the physical store, because many intermediate franchise fees, store fees, staff salaries, etc. are saved. However, we should pay attention to some aspects of Taobao buyers' spinning. Here we will introduce some to you:

1. Don't ask the seller if you are up. The bed fabric can't be compared with the sack cloth. The higher the yarn, the thinner and finer the fabric, and the feel is good. Choose according to your daily needs.

2, do not blindly pursue the twill bed products, 80% of the embroidered bedding market should be plain cloth, do not think that the plain weave is worse than the twill, but of course if it is seventy or eighty bedding, even if he said it is twill Don't buy it, you will be disappointed.

3, do not expect 100% of the bedding products are not faded, and do not think that they can spend tens of dollars to buy non-fading bedding. The bedding products with active printing and dyeing technology are not faded, but the market price is around 488 to 560. Due to the high cost, you can't buy it online for less than one hundred yuan. Less than two hundred yuan, it is more difficult to buy online.

4, can not always think about buying non-shrinking bedding, different fabrics have different shrinkage rates, cotton fabrics are also the same, the shrinkage rate is about 3%-5%, so the seller promises not to fade, do not shrink when you want to move Look at your brain.

5, when buying silk quilt, ask if it is tussah silk or mulberry silk, 100% silk, this concept is relatively vague, don't expect to buy 100% silk quilt at extremely cheap price, if you can buy it, estimate It is also made of scraps, and the filled silk must have been done with the hands and feet. The worst is the addition of chemical fiber.

6, on the counter-offer, if a set of bedding products you can return from 200 to 100, then advise you not to buy, indicating that either the seller's things are too much, or the seller may steal the column, will not give Your 200 good stuff will only give you 100. If your request for a substantial counter-offer meets the seller's refusal, then you can consider buying the seller's stuff, you should re-adjust and properly counter-offer.

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