The essence of stone - chalcedony

Chalcedony has always been regarded as the essence of jade. It is said that it is formed by the condensate of jade. The chalcedony has fine particles. The main mineral component is cryptocrystalline quartz. The shape and size are different. The gloss is mostly glass or waxy, translucent or slightly transparent. It is also very rich in color, with dark green, apple green, blue, etc., among which green is the most beautiful.

However, it is often heard that some people have doubts. The name of the chalcedony has the word "jade". Is it jade? So today we have to make some explanations for chalcedony and jade, hoping to clear the concept for the fans.

Chalcedony exists only in the broad sense of "jade" rather than narrowly defined "jade". Whether the chalcedony can be called jade, we must first understand the definition of "jade".

In the narrow sense, "Jade" refers to several rare varieties that we have clearly defined in mineralogy, including jadeite jade and nephrite and jade. The "jade" in mineralogy does not include chalcedony.

The main chemical composition of jade is basically Ca2(Mg, Fe)5Si8O22(OH)2, and the chemical composition of chalcedony is silicon dioxide (SiO2), which is a collection of cryptocrystalline quartz. Therefore, the difference in chemical composition also theoretically negates the doubt that chalcedony is a "jade".

(The picture shows natural jade)

But why is the name "Jade" in the name of Chalcedony? That is because in our general concept, the broad meaning of "jade" is also called "jade". In addition to the mineralogy-defined jade varieties, it also includes many fine and hard surfaces. Glossy, slightly transparent, beautiful stone that can be carved into crafts.

Chalcedony meets such conditions and is therefore included. In addition, Dongling jade, Miyu, Jasper and Saitama also belong to this category, and they are easily confused with each other.

(The picture shows chalcedony)

Because there are many kinds of jade, it is impossible to compare the common and the chalcedony, so we have selected several jade similar to the chalcedony for comparison.

The distinction between green chalcedony and natural green jade

Although the surface of the green chalcedony is bright and fine, the color is usually apple green, which can be seen in different degrees of depth and translucent. The green chalcedony is brittle and will fade when heated or exposed to sunlight. The green jade has a variegated interwoven structure, and it can be seen as a patchy or fibrous jadeite crystal. The appearance is glassy, ​​mostly translucent or transparent, and the emerald color is pure and pure.

In terms of weight, the green chalcedony with a specific gravity of 2.60 is much lighter than the jade with a specific gravity of 3.24 to 3.43. Of course, the most important thing is that the price difference between the two cannot be compared.

(The picture shows the green jade beads)

The way in which chalcedony and other jade are sorted

Pay special attention when purchasing, you can distinguish chalcedony and other jade from the color of the texture. The texture of chalcedony has a cryptocrystalline structure, and the particles are tiny and cannot be seen by the naked eye.

(The picture shows the egg face green chalcedony)

Among the jade that is easy to mix, the most obvious way to distinguish Dongling jade is that its granules are large and the texture is coarse and rough relative to chalcedony. Green jade, turquoise, etc., are also easily confused with chalcedony, and they can be identified by careful observation.

The green jade has just been said, because the interior is a fiber interweaving structure, which is invisible inside the chalcedony; while the turquoise is low in transparency, low in hardness, and has a porcelain luster, and the chalcedony oil is different from the glass luster. And the chalcedony does not have irregular lines on the turquoise surface.

(The picture shows Dongling jade with coarse and opaque particles)

In addition, many styles of design now also use black chalcedony with gemstone jewelry to enhance the fashion sense of jewelry.

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