The Dark Horse Games will have an exclusive interview with Si Kaile: How to create outdoor brands through differentiated positioning

Scarlett was founded in 2003, and the founder once spent the beginning of the business to target the creation of outdoor brands targeting white-collar users. In view of the fact that the outdoor market at that time valued the practicality and neglected the beauty and fashion, Zeng Hua spent different markets with differentiated products. After three years of steady operation, Scarlett opened his first direct store and developed distributors throughout the country to expand the market. With strict control over dealers and brand building, Scarlett now has more than 300 stores nationwide.

The Dark Horse Games will have an exclusive interview with Si Kaile: How to create outdoor brands through differentiated positioning

How to identify the market orientation and make differentiated products in the early stage of the venture? How to use the strength of the brand to build a business? For this purpose, the Dark Horse Games interviewed the founder of Scarlett.

The following are the founders of Sikai Le.

Before 2003, I began to play outdoors. Although I was not very professional, I also wanted to go hiking and camping outdoors. In SARS in 2003, when we went outdoors, my friend would ask me to help him buy some equipment, like backpacks and tents. At that time, there were fewer outdoor shops and there was no outdoor products for the malls. There were only outdoor shops and outdoor shops. Can't buy it. At that time, I felt that if we were to develop a brand in this area, the market space should be very large, and the threshold was not particularly high. After all, there was not much money injected at that time.

I used to work at Siemens Power. At that time, the slogan of Siemens was "big and profound". In fact, they sold very expensive things. This made me think that the power of the brand is very large. I think if I start a business in the future, I must do a certain brand, plus I am optimistic about the development of the outdoor industry, so I think we can do a brand in this industry.

Positioning white-collar outdoor brands

The former outdoor branded clothes did not look good or self-cultivation. I was very much white-collar workers at the time. They liked the title of white-collar workers. They could hold computers and drink coffee at Starbucks and work in office buildings. Many people admired this for them. As for the characteristics, I wanted to be a fashionable outdoor brand.

What a professional person pursues is purely functional. He will ignore some of the more fashionable and more beautiful designs. However, white-collar workers do not like it because they are too hard to wear. According to the outdoor market at that time, we would do a lot of exchanges with people around us, and I love shopping before, so I know more about the preferences of city dwellers. I understand human nature more. There is also a trend that is more fashionable and youthful from the market trend. It will make people feel very healthy and very upward.

Many brands used to make bags, clothing, shoes, sleeping bags, tents, and so on. There were few comprehensive brands. At that time, we were positioning ourselves to be a full series to meet the outdoor one-stop shopping, like wearing on the body and hiking. . Think of it this way, and then start doing it.

At the beginning, I took out all my 88,670 yuan and went to work at home. Together with my brother, I recruited a little girl. At that time, we designed it ourselves, and then we went to the factory to process it and put the Scarlett logo on it. The first year was actually very difficult. One family running a domestic outdoor store made hundreds of thousands of sales and sold it very hard. At that time, the outdoor market was extremely small.

This was the case in 03-05, and we did not open our first store until 2006. In fact, this method is quite good. If you want to target retail terminals at the beginning, the cost and management requirements will be particularly high, and 2B will be more unitary and relatively easy. In this way, we quickly accumulated funds and explored product performance and markets. The work done in these three years was particularly solid.

Our product line comes up little by little. At the earliest time, we only made three kinds of products: tents, sleeping bags and mats. In 2004, I started to study clothing and rented an office. In 2005, I started to study a lot of samples. In 2006, we opened our first store. At that time, basically all the tents, sleeping bags, shoes, and equipment in the shops were basically With it, it's just that the series is not as much as it is now.

Why did you open a store? Because when we first ran the outdoor store, the brand was not well publicized. The outdoor store had a limited area. It wanted you to put the good products in the store and disrupt it by category. This and I My dream is different. At the time, my core idea was to be a brand. So I realized that I had to be a specialty store and that everything in this store was Scarlett's image and brand.

The color of the first store is green, and the products are relatively fashionable and suitable for white-collar workers. Therefore, the sales are quite good, in line with the current urban white-collar workers' habits, so we started to attract investment and moved to shopping malls.

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