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Ben Wang, March 11 hearing, how can the romantic atmosphere of the spring lost a bright color printing single product. Regardless of whether you are thoroughly controlling the printing or the influx of people who love color games, perhaps you just want to catch up with the followers of this trend. The sky-printing will inevitably cause us to produce aesthetic fatigue. However, subtle matching will make you more Affirming the trend of printing charm!

Spring and summer flower pattern shirt, gorgeous flower pattern, looks very good, take a pink skirt, interpretation of the natural atmosphere of dress style.

The spring floral blouse, suitable for spring flowers, is decorated with denim shorts under curled edges to create a casual and spring appeal.

The lady-flavored floral suit, the chiffon chiffon shirt highlights the sexy charm, coupled with elegant skirts, the legs are thin and long, with a pair of socks and fish mouth high-heeled shoes, showing casual and cool charm.

Romantic flower pattern skirt, bright colors, full of vitality, matching style is very feminine, wide lines set off with charming legs, upper body with slim knit shirt, highlighting the unique temperament, showing elegant and charming woman taste.

Unique watercolor flower pattern dress, full of artistic beauty pattern embellishment, the edge is the style of nostalgic cutting processing, chest pocket pocket design, very sweet temperament. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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  • I love Christmas. It`s my favourite time of year. So, it seems only fitting that my Christmas Advent Calendar should bring together a few more of my most fav things.

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