Stay up all night to watch the ball also have a good look, soft colors, a single product to create a good look

On June 20th this site , if you are a female football fan, you will find it very difficult to watch this month. You need to watch the ball day and night and ensure that you have a good spirit during the day. The most important thing is that you cannot cause bad looks because of staying up late. In addition to doing a good skin job, you also need to use the color of your clothing to highlight your skin tone! Now what you need is some soft-colored clothing to brighten your skin. Therefore, nude, light pink, cinnamon are a good choice, not only can bring you a gentle feeling, but also set off a good skin color. Let's take a look at the few recommended by you for the small series.


The pale pink “broken” V-neck sweaters have irregularly worn-out treatments that make the overall feel casual and casual. The V-neckline also appears to have a small face and slender neck. It is paired with light cyan Denim Shorts to show a comfortable shape.


Cute cute light pink casual smocks, sleeve design is very cute, loose hem treatment, arm is very slender, elastic elastic waist treatment, slightly short version of the design, with white Shorts, appears to be relatively slender lower body.


The basic paragraph U-neck T, sweet pink, the appropriate looseness, so that very comfortable to wear, with light blue pants and flip-flops, looks cool and casual.


The nude color V-neck T-shirt looks beautiful on the neck and clavicle. It is a simple and basic version. It is a semi-skirted dress that is comfortable and has a range of styles.


The romantic V-neck apricot pink dress and the umbrella style of the girlish wind are designed with pockets on both sides. It is convenient and practical. With canvas shoes, it highlights the lively and refreshing feeling. (Cooperative Media: Shoe-like pictures of women's shoes)

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