Simple is the king of fashion 2013 summer new listing

Suck spring flavor, embrace summer enthusiasm, with unlimited vitality and hope, SSND fashion era 2013 summer new products have been fully listed! The perfect interpretation of the fashion time fashion fashion unique fashion, fusion of fashion and refined elegance, whether it is from the exquisite style design, or from the fashion color, or the details of the accessories selection, are all blooming unique fashion era of fashion , Urban attitude.


Simplicity is the king, in today's intricate fashion world, the fresh and simple style of the wind often succeeded in attracting the attention of others, the handsome white suit with a vest wind vest with bright gold vest and crimson leggings, clever hit the color, interpretation of the modern style of women.

简约才是王道  时尚年代2013夏季新品上市

Blue as the sky as the blue sea of ​​pure blue, can always bring the feeling of tranquility, H-cut the atmosphere without losing the charm of a woman, skirt lace flowers surrounded by embellishment, both to get rid of a single elegant and sweet upgrade , Interpretation of summer fashion style.

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100% Wool Fabric

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