Simple identification method of bloodstone

A stone is worth nearly 100 million yuan. Where is the bloodstone precious? "One is precious, the bloodstone has a high appreciation value, and will not fade after long-term preservation; the second is rare, the finest bloodstone is produced in Chang'an, Chang'an. The value of bloodstone is so high, how do you identify it? False? Is there any way? Today, Xiaobian summed up the following points:

Simple identification method of bloodstone

First, observe the color of the blood, the fake "chicken blood" pattern, the color is unnatural, the color is single, the color block and the ribbon are mechanically sluggish, and the true "chicken blood" color has the characteristics of darkness and natural shape.

Second, observe the gloss, because the fake bloodstone coated with resin or 502 glue, visible gloss reflection is abnormal, especially in the light, the flipping is more obvious, and the real bloodstone is waxed and polished, the brightness is soft, the waxy luster is obvious.

Third, scraping with a small knife, for the full fake bloodstone synthesized entirely with resin, the curled leather flower is scraped, and the sand skin is finely ground without stone powder, and the real bloodstone is scraped on the waxed surface, in the texture. The stone powder is scraped up. This method can only identify fake bloodstones synthesized with resins.

Fourth, with fire, fake bloodstone will be charred and deformed, accompanied by charred rubber smell, and immediately discoloration, no longer return to the original color after cooling; and real bloodstone with fire, see a small amount of wax on the surface Oil and wax oily taste, the blood color will become purple and dark after being exposed to high temperature, but will return to the original color immediately after cooling. Note that it is best to choose the back or unimportant parts when burning. It is necessary to make the whole bloodstone evenly heated, so as to avoid uneven heating, and the temperature difference is too large to cause cracks. You can also put a smooth piece of iron on the electric stove, then put the bloodstone on the iron to heat it, and turn the bloodstone. When the bloodstone is heated to high temperature, pay attention to the change of blood color. This method is simple and effective. But for the spliced ​​bloodstone, only careful observation and experience.

Fifth, touch or close the face by hand, the synthetic fake bloodstone has no stone cold feeling, and the real bloodstone has obvious cold feeling.

Sixth, the identification of weight, for the full fake bloodstone, the weight is more frivolous, and the real bloodstone is heavier, the weight between the two is significantly different.

The above is a simple identification method for the bloodstone introduced by Xiaobian for everyone, I hope to help you.

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