Shura brand women follow the trend of pace, steady and atmosphere

Shulan brand apparel for attractive and charming modern women, they elegant, dynamic, real face to present themselves. Follow the trend of the pace, with the smooth structure of the human body cutting process, the international sense of boldness, modernity and identity into one, stable and atmosphere.


A new style of construction, a collision of fashion and classic, a rational bright and gentle - this is Shulan 2011 autumn and winter new theme. Shulang continuation of the classic classic coffee, dark gray lines, the natural agile green and mysterious vivid treasure blue color into Shulan performance style, the traditional main and experimental architectural style to meet the market. Classic wool coat, together with a very good degree of dangling woolen dress, or with a three-dimensional structural print long sweater pattern, so graceful woman generous decent access to any occasion of modern life.

舒朗品牌女装  跟随潮流步伐,稳重而大气

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