Shengze Chemical Fiber Market Dynamics

Shengze Chemical Fiber Market Dynamics On October 30th, due to the impact of the low market price of PTA**, the polyester market was disheartened and the downstream buyer's attitude of waiting and watching was aggravated. Dealers in the market generally reported that sales were difficult, and the price of polyester filament products showed a downward trend, for example, Sheng. Ze has been spinning semi-light FDY general factory 100-300 yuan / T. The price of FDY, a local slice spinning company, was lowered. Taicang DTY prices also fell slightly. The polyester fiber products in Xiaoshan and Shaoxing production and sales markets, both in Shengze and Jiaxing, have their overall price focus falling. Although some of the quotes are barely stable, the preferential transactions are generally present during the actual transaction, and the profit margin is significantly increased, mainly reflected in the FDY fine-denier products.

Judging from the trend of varieties, FDY currently has a steady sale of light filaments on the market, among which FDY50D/24F products have better sales, while FDY has sales of light filament 75D or more series products are also good, among which FDY50D/24F products are mainly used Satin, light spinning fabric production, the current price of silk in the 12800-13000 yuan / T. Sales of 100D/144F, 150D/144F, and 75D/72F products in DTY products are acceptable, while sales of other specifications are generally satisfactory. In general, sales of coarse deniers in the DTY series are slightly better. POY products take a weak turn, and sales of spelled POY are generally low.

At present, the center of gravity of the upstream PTA transaction price continues to move downwards, and the downstream purchase demand is cautious. Dealers, weaving plants, and shelling companies all face cautiously and generally. Affected by this crackdown, the polyester filament market continued its trend of weaker Yindie. The polyester yarn market has a strong wait-and-see attitude. Downstream weaving companies do not have much purchase volume, and they basically maintain a cautious approach to quantitative production. As a result, the production and sales ratio of polyester filaments is difficult to increase, and stocks of some varieties are in stock. The pressure remains high. The industry believes that polyester filament prices are expected to decline slightly in the short term.

The transaction volume of differentiated cationic filaments was enlarged, and the price of FDY prices steadily declined. From the perspective of variety sales, FDY50D and 63D are in good demand. The prices of POY and DTY are all temporarily stable. Now the price of upstream raw material CDP chips has been stable. Now its acceptance is short-distance and it is sent to buyout prices at around 11,250 yuan per ton. It is expected that the market for cationic filaments in the future will be steadily adjusted. The overall trend of polyester/polyester composite yarns was weak, and the quotation for individual factories was downgraded. The island composite yarn market continued to stabilize for some time before, and the market sales were still good. In addition, the demand for island FDY silk warp knitting was general, mainly due to the current slow sales of warp knitted suede fabrics. Polyester/Nylon composite yarns have a quiet market trend and prices continue to stabilize, but overall, downstream weaving manufacturers are cautious in their purchases. It is expected that the polyester/jin composite yarn market will be stabilized in the near future.

The spot price of PTA fell, and the price trend of MEG was lowered. The prices of semi-bright polyester chips and bright polyester chips plunged, and the price trend of CDP chips was temporarily stable. The price trend of polyester bottles was lowered. Acrylic staple fiber 1.5D×38mm, acrylic top 3D×102mm prices are adjusted, CPL, nylon 6 chip prices have declined. The semi-sliced ​​spot spot price on the market is RMB 10,200/tonne in March and the cash flow is generally at RMB 10050/ton. The spot price of light chips is short-hauled at RMB 10,200/tonne for three months, and the cash flow is generally at RMB 10050/tonne. The spot transaction price of the CDP slicing market was accepted for delivery at around 10,900 tons in three months. The PET bottle chip market is generally sent to the transaction price of 10250 yuan / T, polyester chip market transactions on the overall atmosphere is light, the transaction volume is not.

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