Romantic season underwear shop location: six regions so that you find good business opportunities

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Entrepreneurs often complain that the project has been identified, the funds are in place, and the partners find a good one. Everything is available. Only the clothing store is supposed to be "Dongfeng". Especially for the first time to open clothing store entrepreneurs, in a short period of time to find the lot, rent and other aspects of the shop is really difficult. So, how to find the business of this "golden treasure" it?


In recent years, as the market demand growth, leading to the decline in vacancy rates, rent continued to rise, especially in downtown areas, in this case, entrepreneurs looking for shops is best to avoid the downtown area, select some of the beginning of the scale but not yet Forming a hot area, so as to effectively reduce start-up costs, the first step to stabilize the key.

Six regional search for business shop

The site of the store quite a study of experts concluded eight big eight regions to find entrepreneurial shops, the six major areas are:

Pioneering Park

This is a business place tailor-made for entrepreneurs, complete supporting facilities, as well as government preferential policies to support. Many cities now have a lot of business parks, Pioneer Park, these different positioning, entrepreneurs can choose according to their own business direction.

University Park

In recent years, the urban area has been divided into suburban areas. Many cities are full of business opportunities in the university city, and the commercial ecology is also formed.

Town Commercial Center

With the development of urbanization, supporting business in cities and towns also has rich business opportunities. These regional centers have huge potential markets and the rent is relatively cheap. The only downside is that this market has great instability and the population mobility is very high Therefore, we must also fully understand the population composition of the entire center in the early stage.

International living area

Some first-tier cities have formed mature foreign-related high-class residential areas. There are many business opportunities for those who are interested in getting involved in high-level service areas.

Fair Housing Development Zone

In recent years, due to the continuous immigration of residents to become a new populated area, in the daily life services, retail, catering, education and other fields, provide a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Large-scale development zone

Like many university towns, many large-scale development zones also contain rich business opportunities. Although some have not yet formed a climate, they will have some potential for development in the future.

This article comes from the network, released by the romance season underwear editor: http://

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