Romantic season lingerie brand with you to explore the status quo and development trend of underwear industry channels

Known as the body's "second skin" underwear , as a relatively independent industry and concern. Although only a matter of more than a dozen years, its growth rate and market vitality have surprised all those involved. Today, underwear industry has formed a domestic and international brand competition, high Zhongdi Dang their own products dominate the situation, manufacturers sprung up; consumer market in full swing; flow of flow of flowers bloom; in just ten years to form a basic integrity of the basic and mature industries and Market system, I am afraid enough to disdain for the entire textile and apparel industry.

Channel status quo: non-standard lead to "three" lose every wounded

Many people praise the "channel is the king," "winning the terminal", the channel should be more water, on the one hand the smooth flow of water; the other hand, the unpredictable water channel indicates the continuous transformation and innovation. In addition, "water can carry the boat can also capsize" (where the boat refers to the brand), the terminal is important, but the terminal can win or defeat, more importantly, how to implement terminal management!

As many years of underwear industry brand marketing planning experience of the brand marketing planning experts Ruan Jihong warned everyone in the current underwear products in the distribution channels are mainly the following problems: First, the operation is not standardized, including the market order is not standardized, the competition is not standardized, management is not standardized, Upstream and downstream relations are not standardized, business is not standardized and so on. This series of non-standard caused by the situation is the concept of war, advertising campaigns, price wars, promotions and so on, the result is the brand, channel, consumers, "three" lose none other.

Second, brand loyalty is poor. Due to the above non-standard, combined with weak or homogeneous brand building (lack of brand culture and personality characteristics, core competencies) so that dealers, agents are always seeking new brands, and producers every year to open up new Channels, which resulted in the waste of resources, market waste and brand waste accumulation.

Finally, there is a lack of deep harmony between channels and producers. Many producers use a large variety of channels to take up funds from channel operators. It is difficult for channel operators to obtain manufacturer's benefit guarantee and service support (ie, both parties have not established a strategic win-win situation Relationship); the effectiveness and controllability of the channel is not high; the guidance of the market is difficult to play a role in production; channel resources unscientific, uneconomical and so on.

Development trend: The new marketing is growing rapidly

According to industry survey shows that women are more willing to buy underwear in department stores and department stores, men are more inclined to buy underwear in supermarkets and convenience stores; urban consumers tend to high-end consumer intentions, rural consumers tend to spend intentions Medium and low; the purpose of underwear consumption is from the physical, material needs to psychological, cultural, quality of life, personal taste and personality characteristics; relative to the women's underwear, men's underwear significantly lagged behind its imagination; relative to urban consumers, The continuous improvement of living conditions in rural areas and continuous improvement of living standards make the market space in rural areas (including small towns) also have a lot of room for imagination. Rationalization, healthiness, fashion, branding and internationalization will become obvious characteristics of the circulation and consumption of underwear. The difficulty of employment and the rise of self-employment style make circulation one of the largest providers of employment opportunities.

Based on the above analysis, the next period of time, China's underwear product distribution channels will appear the following characteristics:

1, the prevalence of consumer concepts and philosophy of life colorful underwear distribution channels, but the legal and standardized management will promote the healthy development of distribution channels;

2, professional markets, distributors, agents are still the main force in the middle of the channel, but the professional market after a rapid development will begin to integrate and shuffle;

3, traditional terminals, such as large and medium-sized stores (including stores in the shop) will remain at a dominance, but the emergence of a few brands and brand culture, business culture and international merger will become the store, the rapid development of the chain catalyst to monopoly The rapid increase in the number of stores, chain stores, and is expected to become the main channel for sales of high-end underwear;

4, consumer upgrades and rising consumer pursuit of life will give birth to a new marketing format, prompting its rapid growth in a certain area of ​​consumption is expected to concept stores, fashion stores will start to pop, brand stores and franchise stores great prospects for development;

5, Professional exhibition unique image of the overall publicity, marketing of new products, professional information collection, multi-dimensional corporate public relations and other important features make it increasingly recognized by both production and marketing.

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