Rimula mens theme held ERP project group to start the conference

Recently, Rimula Men held a "King Ying Hui - Centennial Rimula, Foundation Everlasting" as the theme of the ERP project group to start the conference. Recently, with the full launch of R & F Men's ERP project, the overall project has entered the training and learning phase, and various project teams have also started large-scale learning and practical operation. During the nearly half-month training period, more than 60 members of R & F Men's ERP Project participated in this training. It is learned that the training through the theory to explain the actual operation of a combination of the form of FICO, MM, PP, SD four modules, covering financial, accounting, materials, production, sales and other business content of the content of the study. The person in charge of Rimula Men said that this is the first SAP project team to carry out training and study. Through this training and study, SAP project team members will better understand the value of SAP system and make clear what the SAP system can solve for the company Problems. It is understood that with the completion of this training and learning, the entire SAP system will enter the project research and process production links, and this study and training will lay a solid foundation for the subsequent research and production.

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