Reddy Ball - product reading fashion, "new" spring and summer

In August, the city is still enjoying the last days of summer. The hearts of Radiopar business have already flown to the spring and summer of 2013. At the headquarters of Reddy Pol Garments Co., Ltd., the Spring-Summer 2013 New Product Ordering Fair . With the theme of "new leap forward, new starting point and new development", this order will bring its three major brands: Raidy Boer, GHILARO and Ferrante, to show its dealers in 2013 Spring and summer design of new products. Reid Boer Dress Co., Ltd. 2013 spring and summer new orders will be the theme of "new leaps and bounds, a new starting point, the new development" During the ordering fair, Reddyll Fashion Co., Ltd. headquarters as if a grand carnival, agents from all over the country Business get together, immersed in the fashion atmosphere carefully built by Radiall business. Orders will be Reddy Pol Garments Co., Ltd. headquarters on the first floor of the hall divided into three brands by three brand exhibition, Radioball area vitality of the breath of the city GHILARO Pavilion that mysterious fantasy underwater world and Ferrante Pavilion that is full of the Middle Ages Taste of the horse basketball design, every detail of the regional layout are fully highlighted the three brands of spring and summer 2013, the essence of the new design, so that a reputable agents a bright spot to remember the brand, and from which to interpret the new trend of the season. The exquisite layout of the exhibition hall, people have the feeling of visiting Italy Port, Sardinia, Siena, Tuscany, into the Radiopol's exhibition is like traveling to Italy, Reddy Ball Spring 2013 Inspired by the four tourist attractions in Italy, these four places are presented in all their new products. Perfect Port Shelter Bay Port, the white sail against the blue sea, the red flashing buoys create a dreamy realm, bring out the red, white and blue as the main color of the seaside resort style leisure clothing; Sardinia, surrounded by crystal clear waters, infuses the designer with inspirational blues. The use of various blues and blues gives the wearer the sense of freedom to snorkel in the sea. The ancient town of Siena is full of years of charm Auburn room, evolved into a variety of plaid patterns; charming Tuscany and create the organic natural wind, people feel the green atmosphere of the sun, can not help but fascinated. Raidy Boer (Rendall Boer) will be blue Sardinia evolved a variety of light blue use GHILARO Zeyi "sea of ​​marvels" as the theme, the exhibition site with coral, tropical fish, seaweed, rocks together form a mysterious and colorful Of the underwater world, and several dressed in 2013 spring and summer GHILARO new "sea" is attracting many agents attention, and "sea man" photo, the establishment of a public agent compulsory. GHILARO "Submarine" style has always been known for its knitting technology Ferrante2013 spring and summer new products into cities, yacht clubs, horse basketball three series, and were equipped with three well-designed badge, filling the details of Ferrante Family aristocratic temperament. The exhibition site only minimalist white decoration will highlight the clever use of the designer of the color of the fruit, and make efforts in the fabric breakthroughs, a variety of fabrics stitching use, are the best example of Ferrante process . Ferrante's horse basketball series highlight the aristocratic temperament Redpole business 2013 spring and summer new orders will attract many agents at the scene, agents from all over the country will give a high evaluation of this order, praised the thunder Di Boer business design every season will be pleasantly surprised. Coupled with the recent completion of the joint-stock company restructuring, became the "new" Reddy Pol Garments Co., Ltd., also marks the Reddy Boer enterprises stood at a new starting point, based on international quality, is committed to navigate the fashion, To achieve a new leap forward and new development.

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