Red, yellow and blue children's clothing 2012 autumn new products, fashionable and unique

Red, yellow and blue children's clothing: optimistic and confident, with independence and creativity, the courage to express themselves, want to be the best. Red, yellow and blue children's clothing 2012 autumn new variety of styles, a variety of series, fashionable and unique fresh. Red, yellow and blue (RYB) children's clothing was born in 2000, the design inspired by the French Paris fashion art, work together Italy 2002ttass company, to create an international fashion trend products. China's brand-name products, China Famous Brand, China's top ten children's wear brand honor. The red, yellow and blue (RYB) brand is inspired by the English words "red, yellow and blue." After being art-processed and rehearsed, the combination of circular patterns and thickness changes bring Fun childlike visual experience. Red - symbol of children's warm smile, bright red; yellow - a symbol of children's bright and cheerful, full of innocence; blue - a symbol of children's hearts pure, no impurities. Three colors, three letters, through a combination of design sense, red and yellow blue corporate objectives passed - to create China's most fashionable children's clothing brand.

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