Red coral bracelet meaning

Do you know what special meaning is the red coral Bracelet? Red coral symbolizes calmness, intelligence, peace, and good fortune. Modern, red coral as a March birthstone, a 35th anniversary souvenir. Let's let Xiaobian come together to tell you about the red corals!

Red coral bracelet

Red coral is a barometer of human weather

The coral is dark - it means that the coral's own energy is adjusting your blood circulation and metabolism, and it can be used after cleaning and polishing to reflect the natural beauty of the coral.

Corals are light - indicating that the coral's own energy is adjusting your endocrine and pH. After cleaning and polishing, you can continue to use the coral to be natural and beautiful.

Coral shines - indicating that your physical condition is very good with corals. Corals will stabilize your health.

The first to admire the corals were the ancient Romans, who believed that corals were precious items that could prevent disasters, give people wisdom, and have many functions such as stopping bleeding and heat, and they were called "red gold." Corals are closely related to Buddhism in the East. In some areas, Buddhists regard red coral as the embodiment of Buddha. They use coral as a mascot for the Buddha and become one of the “seven treasures”; they are often used to make beads. Or use it to decorate the idol, it is a very precious variety of gems.

In China, when the Qing Dynasty arrived, only one or two officials of the Red Coral Pearls could enjoy it. It is also said that the Minister of the Kingdom of Tibet also wore different coral hat tops according to their respective levels and became a national custom. This makes the price of the coral double, so modern people wearing coral jewelry is also a manifestation of identity.

In addition, it has also been shown in medicine that corals have a certain health care function. Necklaces and bracelets made of red corals all year round are the best products for blood circulation care.

It can be seen that wearing a red coral bracelet represents an identity and also has a health care effect. If you like red coral, you may wish to buy a few pieces of jewelry to protect your health.

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