Polynesia multi-functional high-end luxury underwear, the ultimate stunning

Vivid Leong breakthrough underwear culture, efficacy, health concepts and fashion elements and women and the curve made a seamless connection, so as to achieve the continued healthy Chinese women maintain a perfect body. Determined to let more women have the perfect body, with confidence and happiness of the family!


This bra will not only bring amazing body sculpting features, but also in the design to achieve perfection, crafted beautiful lace, creating exquisite visual appeal, while fine imported fabric choice, so that the overall quality of the overall bra Enhance.

纤丽媛多功能型内衣  高端奢华、极致惊艳

Bra is also a Bra, it can make you hot sexy, but also make you charming and elegant, using the latest international technology, the introduction of new multi-functional Bra type bra, anti-light type allows you to easily with a variety of low- Walking in the forefront of fashion.

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