Pink Opal Introduction

Pink opal, also known as powder opal, is a valuable opal with a color changing effect. The pink opal texture is delicate and moist, the color is delicate and soft, and has a ceramic luster. It is known as the “Angel's Skin” in the West and is called the “Gemstone that best represents women”. It is also a symbol of Love and Peace Non-Violence.

Opals can be roughly divided into two categories, precious opals with variable color effect, and ordinary opals without color change.

95% of the minerals mined in the opal mining area are ordinary opals, and most of them are only white, gray or black, which can not show the color changing effect, the color is monochromatic opal. The remaining 5% has some colors, such as pink, red, purple cyan, brown, yellow, and so on. One of the rarest and most precious is the pink opal called "monochrome opal new".

Characteristics of pink opal:

Powder Opal is a silicate mineral. It is an aqueous silica gel with a water content of 4% to 9% and a maximum of 20%. It is an invisible amorphous gemstone with a resin luster and no cleavage. It has a shell-like port with a refractive index of 1.45, a density of 2.15 g/cm, and a Mohs hardness of 5-6.5. It has no color change effect. The color comes entirely from its own color and texture.

The origin of pink opal:

Powder Opal is mainly produced in Peru and Mexico.

Beautiful alias:

Like many alternative words used in pink gemstones, "alelin" is one of its aliases.

In addition, there is another fascinating nickname that is widely circulated, also taken from its pink and tender imagination - Angel's skin opal Angel-skinOpal.

Another legend is that the arrow of Cupid's arrow is made of pink opal, and people believe that wearing this kind of gem can be emotionally thought-provoking and wide-ranging, so many people call it love magic stone, love. Gems, wealth, stone, cupid's smile, angel's smile, and many other beautiful and sweet names are well known.

Identification of the quality of pink opal:

In the mysterious opal family, pink opal is a very rare one. The high-quality pink opal should be uniform in color, opaque, warm and delicate in texture, solid in structure, free from cracks or obvious flaws on the surface, and have a ceramic-like luster.

Since black fine lines, white spots, surface cracks and the like which directly affect the overall feeling are likely to occur, the large particles of pink opal are more precious and have high commercial value.

The value of pink opal collection:

Due to the scarcity of production, it is not a common gemstone, and its awareness is low. Therefore, the price is still low in the opal with a color-changing effect. However, as market awareness increases, soaring prices in the future are foreseeable.

Pink opal wins with softness, subverting the impression of opal in people's minds with noble, charming and eye-catching colors. It is very similar to the texture of expensive Conk pearls (conch pearls), and it is generally difficult to distinguish them from the surface of the surface.

Compared with opal (opper) with color changing effect, pink opal has a firm texture, stable molecular structure and strong plasticity, so it is optimistic for the international jewelry industry. Chopard, Cartier, Chanel, Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany, Dior... Almost all international first-line jewellery brands have used pink opal as the main stone to launch high-end jewellery. This is also a sign of the preheating market. For friends who like opal, it is undoubtedly the best time to collect.

Maintenance of pink opal:

Although not as delicate as your opal, like other opals, pink opal should avoid collision or severe friction when worn to prevent damage to the stone. In addition, be careful of the surface cracks that may occur under continuous high temperature exposure. Any strong acid and alkali chemicals should also be avoided. Maintain its humidity and maintain it with a neutral base oil.


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