Phil brand clothing cool this summer to release the charm of the sun

Sunny day, with a young and happy smile, Phil dress refreshing colors, simple and stylish design, shine a youthful glory, revealing the cool summer feeling, so boys and girls put the summer style, release the sun charm. Healthy, youthful Phil dress, bring a cool summer, a good mood, a colorful life. Phil brand apparel 2011 spring and summer new series Phil women's clothing with two true and false style with the main, the integration of pink and bright yellow, and use the trend of the long body shape, interpretation of the summer fashion, colorful printing T Shirt, with shorts or narrow pants, showing a lively and lovely temperament, flying girls happy mood. Refreshing light blue, elegant pastel colors, interpretation of the girl's elegance and sophistication, loose long-body fit T-shirt, with self-cultivation elastic slacks or shorts, bring the slightest cool summer sun. Phil brand clothing 2011 spring and summer new series Phil brand clothing 2011 spring and summer new series The vitality and passion of boys, as the summer temperature, warm and lasting, ice blue, plum red combination, personalized T-shirt printing , With casual shorts or denim shorts, coupled with the nowadays hot color board shoes, so that the boys vibrant, 尽显 summer charm. The trend of purple, with stylish light purple, set off a casual fashion style, with a sense of the shirt or fake two T shirt with casual trousers, jeans, simple and elegant collocation, interpretation of the colorful Phil youth.

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Animal Crowns

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