Open underwear shop data accurate Milan spring underwear shop back to the secret

As people's quality of life continues to increase, the attention on the "clothing" has also gone up, and not just the coat, underwear has also been a high degree of attention. Because of this, opening lingerie shops in the streets is also a good choice for many entrepreneurs. Then the underwear shop business to do it? How much profit to open a lingerie shop? In this regard, Milan Spring made a precise data analysis.


Open a lingerie shop may seem simple, can be opened before the preparatory work and pre-investment are not less. This investment should not only be prepared for adequate funding, but also pay a certain amount of time for renovation. Before the opening of the preparation of 100,000 yuan of funds, the basic can meet the above requirements. In accordance with the general romantic season to join the lingerie shop three or four million average monthly turnover, turnover ranging from lingerie shop every day, it is clear that different monthly turnover, not only with the lack of tourists just opened, but not with the off-season season Different related, but also the daily state of the business, the length of business hours.

Everyone want to make money business, a lingerie shop, the secret of where to make money? The quality of underwear is the key, good quality underwear, the customer will feel comfortable wearing the body, only customers feel comfortable, will buy your goods, you can make money. After all, underwear close to the skin, if the quality, however, the customer wearing the body once the allergy, you outweigh the benefits. General underwear shop profits are generally about 40%, because of good quality underwear, 'repeat customers' special, earn well.

As can be seen from the front of the data, the total input cost of 96100 yuan, a year total turnover of 422800 yuan, the profit is 40% of turnover. Well, the underwear shop's profit is 161,920 yuan. The first year of revenue is about 169120 (annual profit) -96100 (input cost) yuan = 73020 yuan, which shows that underwear store operating within one year to recover the cost

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