Only Ji Chen women advocate simplicity and truth to create a low-carbon life

Nowadays, the global reassessment and return to the tradition of the world are presented. The essence of the tradition is sought and the traditional aesthetic values ​​and values ​​are redefined. New feelings and perspectives are gained from the traditional culture and skills. On the other hand, it refers to the psychological control of consumer psychology, and advocates find their real needs, simple, real life.


Only Ji Chen fashion women returned to this season is simple and true, to promote low-carbon life, the use of natural materials, enhance the sense of quality, create comfort products. Colors are also dominated by earth tones, with soft colors to harmonize and highlight the theme of this season's low-carbon life.

唯姬晨女装倡导简约真实 创建低碳生活

Italy Wei Ji (Hong Kong) International Limited has been committed to the reform of mature women, led the young and wise team with some well-known European fashion company for the development of the exchange and production cooperation. With the improvement of its strength and influence, in 2009, it established the Domestic Brand Business Development Center (Dongguan Liangying Garments Co., Ltd.) on the basis of the original international trade cooperation. In the same year, it introduced the Italian brand VIRGIE CHAN to the operation of the Chinese fashion ladies' brand road.

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