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8-15 year-olds provide clothing apparel, is an indispensable device for small men. Small male fashion is a small people, personal dress, self-assertion, unique taste, chasing the tide of fashion tastes, the freedom of rebellious young ideas, rapid understanding of acceptability. Offside youth wear is the most professional children's clothing brand, professional "Offside offside" juvenile clothing With many years of research and development experience in the juvenile wear market has won more and more consumers, known as "China's children's clothing Top brand". To become a fashionable little lady, to be a juvenile leader, offside youth clothing apparel products can achieve the juvenile become young man's desire. Have offside juvenile equipment, there is fashion life. Offside clothing (offside juvenile equipment) Address: Jiahe Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou Jia Jun Jia Jun Industrial Park Investment Hotline: 020 -61193083

Bag Hanger is a most popular gift for women, used for their hand bags when they are in outdoors. There are many shapes for you choice, such as heart shape, round shape and square shape and so on .The material for Bag Hanger is zinc alloy, process should be die casting. Plating nickel and silver color are the most popular color for the hanger. Of course we could make other color , for example: gold/brass/copper and so on. 

Bag Hanger

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