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O2 life Wisdom aesthetics life Let the nature of the design return to nature and, to extend the natural, pure, comfortable brand spirit, advocacy wisdom of life aesthetics, starting from their own practice, to convey attitudes and promote change. About some life thinking, providing a way of life, the life of oxygen is characterized by its harsh and forgiving spirit, starting from the mind and life.


Casual wear, simple and not burdensome, enjoy the idyllic leisure life!

O2 life 简约女装 田园风格穿出文艺范儿

In order to provide a more aesthetic appreciation of the arts and culture, so that the design more sustainable and more natural ~

O2 life's efforts to transform the smart lifestyle we advocate into tangible clothing and costs affect the re-thinking of sustainable attitudes towards nature. 2012 autumn and winter, O2 life draw inspiration from life, applied to the design of costumes, casual, unconstrained wear more in line with the modern urban women's attitude to life ~

Women'S Blouse style is fit for the summer, so almost basic style use bright-coloured print and dye for fabric, usually fashion style needs embroidery, special print and paillette in the main parts of clothes or fabric, and some dazzling styles are even sewing diamond on neck and chest by handmade. Nomally blouse style in thin and breathable material which like cotton, polyester, T/C, linen etc. almost blouse styles are fashion and fit for young girl and lady, but some time women as well. 

Women's Blouse

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