New Year, buy a fake and send it to her.

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This reporter (reporter Yang Wei) two days ago, in the southeast corner of the third floor of Jinghua City, the 璐 尔wig wig , a man focused on the display of female wigs for a long time, causing the curiosity of female clerk. In the chat, the clerk learned that the gentleman’s surname Mao was giving his wife a New Year’s gift. For this reason, these days have made him a big headache, and choosing a gift is like an exam for him.

"Yesterday, she and a meticulous phone call inspired me." Mr. Mao was very proud. "They talked about the wigs and the brilliance of the wigs. I was so excited. I suddenly found the key to the 'examination' of this year. They mentioned you on the phone. This special office, so I rushed over today. But, then again, the wig is really beautiful, the layers are distinct, the colors are beautiful, the hand feels silky, the shine is shiny and not dazzling, no wonder women love it. ."

The clerk introduced to Mr. Mao, "Our 璐 尔 wig, German handmade crafts, according to the needs of different women, prepared more than 100 classic, stylish top hairstyles, nowadays the most popular BOBO head, revealing Korean sweet style Long shawl hair, feminine micro-hot rolls, cute British style, pretty style, short hair, dignified hair, etc., each of which is designed to fit the oriental face and perfectly match the face of an oriental woman."

"You are very eye-catching, choose the wig wig to make a gift, but also to avoid the hair being hurt by the constant scalding," the clerk said, Mr. Mao is very happy: "I will pay a deposit today. One day I brought her a choice. Oh, the 璐 尔 wig made me easy to 'year off'."

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