New pink dress pink t-shirt with a white skirt look good

Summer, there will always be dressed in colored girls walking in the street, the achievements of a beautiful road. Each girl will have its own unique style. The girl by the people and sweet girls will always inspire people's desire to protect. The pink and tender colors will always create a sweet girl, the following for everyone to introduce two sweet and fashionable women's .


Small waves of maroon hair, will highlight the feminine vividly. On the left of the girls wearing pink printed t-shirts, simple style, sweet warm color is very pleasing. The following with a white lace skirt, skirt fold design for the whole lot of color. Full of playful youthful feeling.

新款粉色连衣裙 粉色t恤衫配白色短裙好看吗

Beside the pink dress strapless style, doll collar design, white lace embellishment in the chest, the sweet paradise revealed a little bit of sexy. Waist belt with a white waist enough convex, there are times, mellow is also a kind of beauty. This style, do not want to attract people's attention are difficult.

Pictures from: Purely show women


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