Nevada garment sales increase 12.6% in October

Nevada garment sales increase 12.6% in October Taxable sales in Nevada increased by 4.3% to US$3.67 billion in October, marking the 28th consecutive year of growth.

In Ke County, taxable sales rose 5.2% to US$2.66 billion driven by sales of apparel and automobiles.

The Nevada Tax Department reported a few days ago that Nevada’s taxable sales amounted to US$3.6 billion and that 11 of the 17 counties recorded an increase. The biggest increase in sales in Nevada in October was sales of cars, up 16.8%; sales of durable goods, up 22.2%; sales of clothing, up 12.6%.

In Ke County, car sales rose by 14.1%; apparel sales rose by 13%.

However, the sales figures for bars and restaurants dropped by 2.2%; the sales figures for furniture fell by 0.1%; the sales figures for general merchandise dropped by 0.2%. Ke County’s taxable sales reached US$2.6 billion in October and recorded an increase for the 18th consecutive month.

In the new year so far, the taxable sales in Nyhezhou have increased by 5.9% to US$10.49 billion.

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