Mousya women teach you how to match the color of spring clothing

Humen, Guangdong Hong Hao Garment Co., Ltd. invested heavily in 2008 to create a full-fledged fashion women's brand , more than 80 design, marketing and management professionals, after just two years of operation, the fashion era in the country has developed a hundred A number of stores. The brand has a profound impact on the Chinese women's market. As the flagship brand of the domestic women's market, with its natural clothing with its unique features, and now the beautiful spring has come, then how to match the spring clothing? Moustia fashion women to Weapon!


Yellow: High saturation Yellow is rich, while low saturation yellow is the ideal color for spring. Medium yellow is suitable for use in summer, while deep saturation yellow is consistent with autumnal atmosphere. Light yellow gauze clothes, very romantic atmosphere, so may wish to use as a long evening dress or pajamas. Light yellow shirt with brown skirts, pants with light yellow clothes on the light brown lace, so that the outline of the clothes become more apparent. Light yellow and white is not very ideal match. With light yellow color is easy to cause conflict, is pink, and orange and blue is also a guilty consignment, should be avoided. Dark yellow is a more bright and eye-catching color than brown and light yellow, so choose a dark blue silk, a scarf, and a white T-shirt or shirt.

Do not mix dark blue and dark green with each other, even light green is not appropriate, so if the blue jeans match the green shirt, it will be very ugly. Blue and purple blue can complement each other to wear, if it is a floral pattern, these two colors can produce water melt effect. Dark blue and white, dark red color combination of these three colors of the bar pattern, because of high clarity, it can be used as a chic overalls, sportswear

Green: With the very popular light green, with the exception of white, it is not easy to find a better match. If the light green with red, too earth; with black, too heavy; with blue, make red; With yellow can barely say; If you wear green clothes, you can choose the white leather bag and leather shoes, followed by the silver-gray, other colors or less touch for the better. Therefore, the purchase of green clothing, not impulsive, greedy, pay attention to whether they have white and silver skirts, pants to match; the other hand, buy a green dress, green pants, we must not forget to be accompanied by a white shirt coat.

Wear green system clothing, the foundation should be yellow, flour with a slightly lighter foundation color or the same color. Eye ointment should be dark green or light green (with the color depth of clothing), eyebrow pencil should be used dark brown rouge should be orange (yellow with red), lipstick and nail polish also orange-based.

With a red dress, the most sensitive to the yellowing of the face of the face to use pink foundation, the same color with the foundation or the foundation with a slightly lighter color of the same system. Eye cover with gray, black eyebrow pencil, rouge available rosy, lipstick and nail polish are used deep rosy. Pale people, wearing red clothes, you can dip a little light, the color looks a little ruddy, dark-skinned people, you must brush some pink rouge, and red clothes looks contrasting.

Make-up, the foundation should be pink, flour, or slightly lighter than the foundation with the foundation of the same color, eye lid should be blue, eyebrow pencil should be brown, rouge appropriate Rose red, lipstick can be slightly darker coral rejection Color, nail polish is slightly lighter than the same color lipstick.

Black: In the clothing, black is still the best color with a variety of colors, for bright people, put on black clothes, immediately double the bright light. For those who are tall and fat, black is the most shrinking color. Under black camouflage, it looks more slimmer than the real body. Not only that, black still has the effect of shrinking after mixed with other colors, Red and black, blue and black, dark green and so on. Wear black clothing, in order to avoid the whole body black, should be different colors of accessories to ease the monotone. For example, can be equipped with a golden scarf red bracelet, leather shoes or black or dark brown to reconcile. If the up and down the two pieces of the dress, but also with a variety of colors, such as a black T-shirt, the outer cover of the red half-sleeved jacket. Can also be in black skirts, pants coupled with orange, white, yellow and other more intense contrast color shirt. If you wear full body black, coupled with a feathered corsage, the most feather can show a sense of softness. One thing to note is that black and middle colors are not easy to please. When pastel colors such as pink, gray, light blue, light green, and the like are put together, the black will lose strong shrinkage and become less individualized.

Wearing black clothing is the most need to emphasize make-up, because black all the luster are absorbed, if the face of makeup pale, it will give a dull feeling. When using cosmetics, foundation should use darker red, rouge with dark red, eye shadow can choose any color (such as blue, green, coffee, silver, etc.), pay attention to the eyes need full three-dimensional bright makeup, and lipstick is appropriate Jujube red or red sand, nail polish is used in big red. Pink lipstick and black clothes collide with each other, does not seem harmonious, should be avoided. Pale white, wearing black clothing, especially appear to be quenching, so no makeup and black clothes, is likely to have a disease, so pay special attention to make-up skills.

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