Men's dress should be how with how to pick

Suit is one of the most popular clothing styles in the world, and is also the preferred choice for men's wear in formal occasions. Choose men's suits, you need to pay attention to many details, such as its fabric, color, pattern, style, shape, size, workmanship and other details. (Source: BOSS Bordeaux 2013 autumn and winter new) Suit pattern should be simple as a guide, too exaggerated patterns may give the feeling of frivolous, in pursuit of maturity, prudent, suits generally no pattern as well. Tailored with "tartan" is generally difficult to suit dignitaries, and only in informal occasions, business men can wear it. (Source: BOSS Bonjour 2013 autumn and winter new) Although the suit color is small, but in different occasions or have different requirements, choose to try to choose conservative colors, such as dark blue, dark gray, black and other colors. Dark suit than the light-colored suit is conducive to bring out the professionalism and authority; brown to give a sense of intimacy, suitable for less serious but more important occasions.


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