Marisfrolg Fall Winter 2013/2014 Series Show

Marisfrolg 2013/2014 The new collection of autumn and winter, regardless of color, fabric and creative ingenuity are full of beauty, the United States unexpected, the United States as natural. Minimalist pressure of the profile and luxury expensive expensive fabrics collide, to resolve the dull impression of this season, classical and elegant white, red, green, yellow and blue rich colors such as the classic black painted an array of unexpected colors beauty of.

Fashion mirror: jerk and suit windbreaker, neat and simple lines to outline the demure of classical women, knee length skirt lit graceful body of the golden ratio, such as the reflection of a fable with modern lines.

玛丝菲尔 - Marisfrolg

African Impression: Dreams and Reality Together on the Marisfrolg showcase, designers sketch the contours of the exotic and the modern with African elements. The combination of exquisite embroidery and a concise silhouette has subtly brought the dress into a feminine, yet still concise, essence.


Li Lace Lace: just outside the soft, "Lily Lace" series full of unexpected beauty of the fabric. Hale profile of clothing filled with soft lace detail, breaking the autumn and winter miserable, big woman's tough and perfect combination of the tenderness of a small woman.


Oriental Zen: In addition to the usual iconic outline and capable of simplifying the simplified lines, the immediate presence of a touch of oriental white Zen, so that the entire series immediately clear up, and highly transparent material combination of introverted unique Taste, contains a pure and jumping beauty. Delicate detail of the elements of the dragon totem, slender drag that touch of East Eastern stunning stunning.


Black Gold Feast: Black and gold in different fabrics produce a subtle response, noble and unique gas field lightens every important moment in the elegant female life, for the abstract atmosphere of a quiet show injected a warm undercurrent.

PVC Coated Fabric is made from high strength polyester material with both sides coated.

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truck cover


1. High strength, high density

2. Fire/corrosion/UV resistant, water resistant, dust resistant

3. Shrink proof, rot proof

4. Mould and mildew resistant, tear resistant

5. Long lasting, sunshade protect, wind protection

6. Anti-fungal, anti-osimosis, antistripping

You can choose any color and max in roll size is 5m, the general weight is 200gsm to 2000gsm.

According to different quality of PVC tarpaulin, lifespan is 3 to 5 years.


Truck Fabric

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