Manifen brand underwear allows women to distribute suffocation charm from the inside out

The Manifen brand empowers women to "energize" and plunge into women's attractive wings, allowing women to sublimate from the inside to the outside, sending out suffocating femininity.

曼妮芬品牌内衣  让女性从内到外散发窒息魅力

Pure Chinese red, happy auspicious to meet the needs of the traditional female red, classic cup type, the word steel ring shape, high side, wide under the grilled, protect gathers, stabilizers underarm fat Biliao.

曼妮芬品牌内衣  让女性从内到外散发窒息魅力

1/2 wide undergarment cup bra not only for full breast women, but also to make a smaller chest MM to achieve the effect of deep V. Cup noodles split, the use of double-needle osteotomy craft, noodles line hit the color effect, add fashion while more refined.

Manifen women are full of powerful "femininity," with innate delicacy and temptation. They are more adept and passionate about demonstrating this innate superiority, making themselves shine in the crowd; they are "hedonists" Pursuit of happiness is the goal of their life, they are self-delight, enjoy the moment, eager to love and willing to try something new.

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